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C4C Project Coming to Fruition
November 20th, 2015 3:26 PM
Many plans and projects have been talked about for some time for Colorado Springs, such as the C4C projects. We have seen progress on some of the C4C projects and it looks like 2018 may be the year that some, but not all, will be completed. The next couple of years will bring some significant and much anticipated changes to Colorado Springs.

The Downtown Partnership, which meets each year to discuss projects they would like to see happen and how to make them happen, met last month. This year the discussions focused on what is already happening instead of what they would like to happen. One such project, the U.S. Olympic Museum and Hall of Fame, will be built in the southwest part of downtown Colorado Springs, with assurances from new Mayor John Suthers. The opening will coincide with the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea, which are set for Feb. 9, 2018. Before the opening of the museum, construction with the I25/Cimmarron interchange, which will provide an easier entrance into the downtown area, will also be completed.

Another project scheduled to begin construction in January 2018 is the Center for the Arts at UCCS, which will hold public venues and educational facilities. Along with the Arts Center, UCCS is also planning a sports medicine center. It will be located on North Nevada Avenue and it will be part of the university's Health and Wellness Village, and will offer elite athlete medical/performance based services. A program plan for the building is currently under development, and should be completed in the early part of 2017. Construction will likely begin in 2018.

Also slated as part of C4C, with much controversy, is the downtown stadium. With no financial backers coming forward, it is not certain when or if it will ever be constructed. A feasibility study still needs to be performed to see if the project is possible from a financial and operational standpoint. Until that is performed, there will likely not be any movement forward on the project.

The Air Force Academy will be donating 52 acres for the new visitors center near the north gate of the institution. They could break ground in 2017, but no completion date has been issued at this stage. The location was chosen so visitors will be able to access the building at all times. With high security issues sometimes keeping visitors outside the main gate, the new center will be accessible even when the Academy is not. Offered at the new site will be a small theater, interactive displays, retail space, offices and a conference room area for Academy personnel as well as outside groups. 

So it seems the next few years will yield big changes for Colorado Springs. After years of hoping and planning, these changes are coming and will hopefully secure the future for our city. These improvements will be a sign to businesses looking to move to Colorado Springs that we are a place that embraces forward thinking and improvement.

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