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A "Brand" for Colorado Springs?
September 29th, 2011 2:00 PM

The Mayor of Colorado Springs has recently hired a task force to brainstorm the creation of a brand in an effort to improve Colorado Springs' image, both socially and economically. Individuals, companies and industries in the U.S. envision Colorado as having a cold, snowy, and harsh environment. We need to change this image and let people know what a mild climate there is here, and what is available here socially and economically. If a brand would help change our image, perhaps Colorado Springs will see more companies relocating here, thus increasing employment which would increase Colorado Springs' population, setting the city up for growth potential.

The "task" of the task force is to find out why people already live here. Residents have been questioned, as well as travelers at the Colorado Springs Airport, local historians and local economists, all in hopes of finding the essence of Colorado Springs. This research will bring the task force closer to creating first a slogan, and eventually, a brand.

"Branding" seems to have been successful in other U.S. cities; whether or not this will be the case for Colorado Springs remains to be seen. A brand would certainly not hurt the local social and economic situation, and may improve on an already good thing. It will be exciting to see what the branding task force accomplishes none the less.

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